Transporting Lumber

You might be a closet redneck if:

That's my car, with a lot of 8-foot lumber sticking through the trunk. That wasn't even half of what I bought, but I had to ask a friend with a truck to help me pick up the 10- and 12-foot boards.

Rohan's Birthday, or On Playgrounds

Rohan's Birthday is this Friday (2/19), and we're celebrating on Saturday. My dad wants to buy him a swing set, and I can't help my urge to tinker. Even though he's just turning 2, Rohan is a daredevil. He loves the 3-story slides at public parks and a local indoor playground... I'm usually chasing him around to make sure he only tries the slides. He isn't quite ready to jump down the rock walls, cargo nets, and other climbing / falling equipment, but he thinks he is. So he'd get bored of a "standard" playset rather quickly.

Just a little late to the blogging party

I'm not much into social networking. I guess that's because I've always had enough to keep me busy already, and I can usually find whatever I need with Google Fu.

I got married in 2006, and our son was born in 2008. Both have greatly enriched my life, but definitely contributed to keeping busy. My wife, Ekata, may get a blog on this site soon. Depends on how much time we can carve out for it.


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