Interesting times

We apparently have sinkhole activity on our property, which means we can probably expect ome kind of insurance settlement in the next few months. According to the insurance company, the soil is "very loose" in quite a few places. Repair estimates start at $95000, just for the soil. So we may be stuck with the choice of doing repairs that are more than the remaining market value, or bringing the settlement plus some cash to pay off/down the mortgage, and having an unrepaired house.

In other news, I'm probably taking a new position at work. More responsibilities and deadlines, but a significant promotion and pay increase.

And I just booked the second room for Orlando, so we have 2 3-bedroom units for 3 nights, and 12 beds between the two rooms. As many as 25 people might show up, but that puts pretty much everybody in a bed.

I hate to think about cost-benefit ratio on our timeshare, because it's usually terrible. Nearly $800 in fees per year, plus $49 to reserve if we don't do it 9 months in advance. Plus the original purchase price. That's a really bad deal for regular hotel rooms, or the cruise we took where we got about $900 credit toward tickets for two years worth of points. But this time we're getting 3 nights in a room that's about the size of our house, a few minutes from the parks in Orlando. Not that bad a trade.