Camp Mc-Han-lock-etri-alooneros-kac-enstien (Orlando)

By popular demand, we're not doing a theme park marathon, just a day each at Hollywood Studios and a water park. The rooms are for Thursday night through Sunday morning, and anyone who wants to is welcome to stay at our place the night before or after. We're about an hour from the Orlando attractions.

Proposed Itenerary

We need to talk about lunch/dinner shows. Jenny votes Medieval Times, and Ekata likes Arabian Nights. We'll do a group purchase for whoever's coming, so we should get a discount.

  • Medieval Times - 11:30AM show - Full price is $60/adult, $40/child (12 & under)
  • Arabian Nights - the only early show is Thursday at 6PM. With web purchase discount, it's $49/adult, $31/child (under 12).

Otherwise the resort movie theater and pool will probably be the main attractions, while some of us work on provisioning food and the inevitable forgotten toothrushes.

We torture me the kids with outlet shopping in the morning, let the little ones rest a bit, and then go for the discounted after-4pm Wet n Wild admission.

We spend the day at Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). Ryan rides Star Tours 47 times. That way he can see all combinations of the new randomly-selected scenes.

The Sisneros and MacAloon families will go to Islands of Adventure, for the amazing line ride... with something about a guy who makes ceramics at the end. :) For the rest of us, maybe Downtown Disney.

We can switch Friday and Saturday if desired. Most everyone (except Uncle Pat) is staying all 4 days, but I need to check with Sarah and Daniel.