So I'm a single dad...

For the few readers who don't know me in person, I've let this blog sit idle because of several job changes, a pregnancy that didn't end well, and finally my wife's fight with cancer. She lost that fight in early May. We're all struggling to figure out what to do from here.

I'm currently typing this from Orlando, where I'm hoping our family can make a few positive memories after all the sadness. We did Discovery Cove yesterday, where my sexual insecurity means I received a "kiss" on the cheek from a 50-year-old male dolphin, rather than kissing him on the mouth. Rohan went first, and did about the same.

I don't know how things are going to go when school starts. Rohan's been with his grandparents off and on throughout the summer, both to give them some time with him, and so I wouldn't have to find a place to put him all day during work. Another couple weeks and I'll be caring for a hyper-intelligent 8-year-old solo. I may need to remind myself how to boil water.