Things could be worse.

I'm currently sitting in Hong Kong International, on hour 9 of a 12-hour layover. Ekata and Rohan are catching up on their sleep before our last flight. I just found out what gate we're suposed to depart from, and fortunately it's not too far from where we "camped out" for most of the day.

Big place, nice shops, but prices are about what you'd get in the US, occasionally higher. So no, we didn't go on a shopping spree. I don't think we could take another ounce on the plane anyway.

Rohan's been good... for a 2-year-old. He has times when he really wants to get his way, and may resort to biting or pinching if we just tell him no without talking him out of it. When one flight leg was 14 hours by itself, we're all getting a little stir crazy.

Ekata's amazing. I don't have the energy to keep Rohan out of trouble for more than a few hours at a time. She doesn't always focus as intently, but she hardly ever tells me she's too tired. That's why I wandered off with him for a couple hours, and I'm glad I found her fast asleep whenI came back. I guess he had enough playtime with "Ba" too... he fell asleep on her stomach as soon as we got back.

But the extra space on the 747 and the built-in personal entertainment system with 50 or so movies and a bunch of TV shows to pick from certainly helped. Particularly the Disney channel shows. I joked to Ekata that we should make our next trip to Boston by way of Hong Kong if they're going to treat us that well on an economy ticket.

A few technical frustrations on our electronics, but I finally sorted out the laptop DVD drive "disappearing", and I found out why the camera's flash might not want to work after using (and removing) an external one. So I guess I'm getting more time to concentrate on this stuff than I usually do at home.

We'll have a few pictures worth posting already, but I don't want to overdo it on the free airport WiFi.